Food is Medicine Accelerator


Matthew Lange

President, CEO and Founding Member

IC-FOODS at UC Davies


Food is Medicine Accelerator

Dr. Matthew Lange is a Food Scientist and Informatician at UC Davis with over 20 years experience building data, information, and knowledge systems for academia, industry, and government operations. As the Principle Investigator for International Center for Food Ontology Operability Data and Semantics (IC-FOODS) at UC Davis, Dr. Lange leads efforts to build the semantic and distributed ledger infrastructure for the Internet of Food. The Semantic Web of Food (SWoF) and Internet of Food (IoF) hold promise to fundamentally alter the way we produce, process, deliver and consume food: giving rise to ecosystems of next-generation knowledge tools that lower technical innovation barriers for creation of novel, traceable, ecologically-friendly foods, products, medicines, and lifestyle regimens: precisely personalized for health and delight, and aggregatable for population and market analyses. The IoF holds potential to provide infrastructure enabling companies to compete to deliver healthier, more sustainable, and more trustworthy foods.