Agrobiodiversity Accelerator


Juanita Baltodano



Agrobiodiversity Accelerator

Juanita Baltodano is the president of APPTA, or, the Association of Small producers of Talamanca. With Fair Trade revenues, APPTA has constructed a tele-school for a remote community that would otherwise have no access to education. APPTA also hired an agronomist to teach members new production techniques that substitute for the use of pesticides. The farmers intersperses cocoa and banana trees shade trees, which supports ecological diversity and sustainability. In addition, APPTA created a small fund to give emergency loans to members in times of need.

As a founding member, Juanita has been head of the association council for more than a decade and is currently president of the Cooperativas Sin Fronteras. The Cooperative is dedicated to developing fair trade in organic products from various organizations in Latin America.