Food is Medicine Accelerator


Sarah Downer

Associate Director

Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation at Harvard Law School

Food is Medicine Accelerator

Sarah Downer is the Associate Director of the Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation at Harvard Law School. She directs the Whole Person Care initiative, which seeks to improve care for underserved individuals at every point of interaction with the health care system. She works with clients and partners to nurture innovations in health care delivery and financing, scale successful interventions, convene powerful coalitions, translate emerging research into comprehensive and compelling resources for policy-makers, and to explore the short and long-term implications of health care trends. Ms. Downer is an expert on the national movement to integrate food and nutrition into health care. Along with the Boston-based nonprofit Community Servings, she convenes and leads the Food is Medicine Massachusetts Coalition, and is a primary author of the Massachusetts Food is Medicine State Plan, a blueprint for increasing access to vital nutrition services for every community in the Commonwealth. Ms. Downer also leads the Center’s Social Determinants of Health Law Lab, a special project dedicated to analyzing novel legal issues that arise when the health care system interacts with patients in new ways. Ms. Downer has a BA from Harvard College and JD from Harvard Law School.