Agrobiodiversity Accelerator


Kevin Wilson

VP Value Chain


Agrobiodiversity Accelerator

Kevin has enjoyed 40 years of developing people while immersed in strategic planning, project development, quality assurance and supply-chain management. He brings his experience collaborating with key partners, designing practical solutions across Farafena’s international operations. He has worked in several countries in Africa, within Canadian First Nation communities, Europe, India and Australia.  Most recently he has been traveling to Mali in support of Farafena partners.  He is focused on introducing traceable and equitable African indigenous foods to a global market.

“The agricultural value-chain is evolving fast to meet sustainability demands.  Both food consumers and impact- investors are demanding authenticity, transparency and traceability.  Food security, biodiversity and the very future-of-food itself all depend on the equitable participation of farmers. Farafena is focused on removing barriers so African women smallholder farmers can equitably participate in the agri-food business and share their voices with families consuming healthy and nutritious African food.”