Food Choices for a Healthy Planet Accelerator


Marie Persson

Project Officer

Nordic Food Policy Lab

Food Choices for a Healthy Planet Accelerator

Marie Persson is the Project officer of the Nordic Food Policy Lab based at the Nordic Council of Ministers. Through action oriented policy labs and collaborations with international partners, we curate and help develop food policy tools and insights for health & sustainability.

With a background at a research network for food systems sustainability at Oxford University (Food Climate Research Network) and with my current work being focused on merging policy, culture and innovation for sustainble food, I’m interested in how we can bring together diverse fields of expertise to accelerate a transformation towards sustainable healthy diets.

I am passionate about working with food and food systems, as it is the place where so many if our challenges around human and planetary wellbeing converge. I am also interested in collaborations between science, art, design and policy, and in utilizing the power of storytelling. I helped create (and now sit on the board) of the non-profit Art & Science Initiative.