Single-Use Materials Decelerator


Dagny Tucker

Founder and CEO


Single-Use Materials Decelerator

Using systems thinking, strategic innovation & design Dagny’s work pushes the boundaries of how we think about everyday decisions and builds the capacity in others to have real impact on today’s pressing issues. She is the founder of ​Vessel​, a library style system of reusables designed to disrupt the status quo of disposability with elegant and convenient closed-loop alternatives. Vessel is Tucker’s targeted effort to close the persistent gap between actions and rhetoric pertaining to sustainability practises from an individual level up to the city official level.

She has held executive level business and not-for-profit appointments that have traversed five continents and represent two decades of experience in strategy, service design, project implementation, management,

and government and community engagement. After decades of sustainability meetings and conferences where it was normal to show up with your coffee in a paper cup, Dagny Tucker, felt it was time to address the little things.

Often “sustainability” conversations in board rooms, at conference podiums and in classrooms addressed large scale, monolithic actions- leaving out entirely the impact of those little everyday choices. Making meaningful change within an often opaque and on-the-go culture was no easy task. Dagny saw Vessel as one way to bring to light our potential to have a positive impact through our everyday choices.

Dagny Tucker is the founder of Vessel, taught at Parsons The New School for Design, was formerly the Managing Director of Strategic Global Affairs for New Hope Natural Media and Executive Director of the Peace Initiatives Institute. A Tishman Scholarship recipient for “outstanding achievement in sustainability,” she holds a Ph.D. in International Peace, Conflict and Development from Universitat Jaume I in Spain and a M.S. in Design in Urban Ecologies from Parsons the New School for Design.

Dagny has spoken at major conferences globally including United Nations Habitat II, Shared Value Leadership Summit, Structures for Inclusion, Green Festivals and Natural Products Expo West.