Single-Use Materials Decelerator


Norah Lewis

Technical Specialist

WRAP Global

Single-Use Materials Decelerator

Norah is a Technical Specialist for WRAP Global, specialising in resource-efficient business models and circular design for packaging. She leads the technical work for WRAP Global’s Plastic Pacts, collaborating with partners in South Africa, Chile, Malaysia, Portugal, Australia and the Pacific Islands to launch and implement systemic change within the plastic packaging sector.

Most recently, she has worked on NIR detectability of plastic packaging at the end-of-life for the UK Plastics Pact in addition to completing a Life Cycle Assessment to determine suitable materials alternatives for certain plastics.

She has a background in industrial design (BA) and environmental technology (MSc) and was awarded the Schmidt-MacArthur postgraduate fellowship in 2015, working in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to undertake an 18-month design research project to analyse the circular business opportunities enabled by the internet of things (IoT).