Circular Economy of Food Activator


Greg Shewmaker




Circular Economy of Food Activator

One day Greg asked the questions “what’s in my food?” and “what’s it doing to me/my family?” When the search for answers simply led to more questions, Greg decided to dedicate his life to understanding food and our food systems.

Greg was the Founder of Food+Future, a multi-year exploration into the future of food with Target, MIT, IDEO, Intel and others.  At the heart of Food+Future was a culture of radical collaboration, overriding the long haul of traditional business cycles and maximizing the collaborative power of diverse players who never get to play together.

Greg is the Co-Founder of TeakOrigin, a spin-out of Food+Future. TeakOrigin is a Boston-based biotech company that enables an individual food to directly, and accurately, communicate its current state versus what you expect it to be. He is also the Founder of r.foodfuture, a platform currently being built to amplify and connect the efforts of an ever-expanding ecosystem of food system change-makers, enabling greater reach and impact, at lower costs and with a higher likelihood of success.

Greg started two other international companies, he was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Target, led International Sourcing at Tesco and was Chief Merchandising Officer at Staples, the #2 e-commerce company in the world (at the time).