Circular Economy of Food Activator


Wendy Lu McGill

Founder & CEO

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch


Circular Economy of Food Activator

Wendy Lu McGill is Founder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch, Colorado’s first and only edible insect farm. Since 2015, she has farmed and created innovative food products for chefs, food manufacturers and anyone who loves delicious, sustainably raised food.

Wendy Lu came to believe in the potential of insects as food and feed to solve some of the world’s most pernicious challenges, i.e. how to feed more people equitably on a planet with shrinking natural resources, as a result of her pre-bug career in international development, specifically in rural and agricultural development.

A returned Peace Corp Volunteer who later worked with a dozen UN agencies and international development organizations, Wendy Lu has a background in sociological research and intercultural communication, bringing a global perspective of the why and how of insects as food.