Food Clarity Activator


Robyn Metcalfe


Food+City, University of Texas at Austin


Food Clarity Activator

Food historian and futurist, with a concentration in the history of urban food markets, particularly in Western Europe during the 19th century. Why does a historian think about the future of food? It’s all about context, having the knowledge about how we got here as we think about the future. Am particularly interested in the use of technology to improve and re-invent the global food supply chain.

Food+City tells stories through print and digital platforms, sparking thoughtful conversations and inspiring change in the global food system. For five years, F+C encouraged entrepreneurs to solve food system problems with an annual challenge prize, working with over 75 food startups and $250K in funding. Currently, the focus of Food+City is to contribute meaningfully to the global food system by highlighting important stories, creating excellent content, and continuing to champion other entrepreneurs improving how the world is fed. .

Other highlights and interests include: researched, wrote, photographed for four consumer interest books, wrote three non-fiction books, consulted for companies, big and small, about electronic publishing strategies, founded non-profit educational farm, participated on a dozen non-profit and for-profit boards, managed and developed boards of directors, planned events, solicited grants, donations, traveled to remote areas of the world, speaking two foreign languages in addition to English. Holds culinary certificates in cheese, Cordon Bleu (London). Produced and marketed heritage food products. Learned how to butcher and aspire to be a cheese affineur.

Beyond professional passions, I love living large, and am an accomplished athlete, having completed ultramarathon races across six global deserts. Also appreciate storytelling and the arts, and expressing myself through painting, drawing, film, and many other creative mediums.