Circular Economy of Food Activator


Jacob Foss


Agricycle Global

Circular Economy of Food Activator

Jacob Foss graduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison with a BS in Kinesiology and a minor in entrepreneurship. He entered the Peace Corps after graduation and worked as an agricultural extension officer in a rural community in Ghana. Jacob created governmentally recognized rice and maize farming groups with subsidized inputs, bank accounts and savings initiatives. Upon completion of Peace Corps, Jacob created a grain distribution business with his community aimed at providing steady income for isolated farmers in northern Ghana as well as reliable food sources for schools in the area. Jacob currently works as the COO of Agricycle Global Inc. He manages Agricycle’s global vertically integrated supply chain, oversees production, processing and logistics of each product, and acts as liaison to the global regions and the US-based team. He manages the certifications for each product to stay compliant for sales and global industry standards.