Circular Economy of Food Activator


Josh Shefner

CEO and Founder

Agricycle Global

Circular Economy of Food Activator

As CEO and founder, Josh Shefner has had a front-row seat to the entire history of Agricycle (formerly Blue Mangoes). As a civil/structural engineering student at Milwaukee School of Engineering, Josh founded Agricylce first as a student project. He built passive solar dehydrators for rural communities in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Soon he realized engineering could solve a more complex problem: poverty alleviation. By 2018, the student project transformed into a global social enterprise. Today, Josh serves as the CEO and leads a global team of 25. He has been awarded the Global Student Entrepreneur Award for Wisconsin and led Agricycle through activator programs such as gBETA, MadWorks, Target Incubator, FaBCap and Future Founders. In his spare time, he loves to play chess and reminisce about his days in Boys State Illinois. He also enjoys making up games that infuriate his colleagues.