Single-Use Materials Decelerator


Justin Boucher

Project Manager

Food Packaging Forum Foundation

Single-Use Materials Decelerator

Justin is a Project Manager at the Food Packaging Forum where he supports many of the Forum’s ongoing scientific research and leads outreach efforts. By training he is an environmental engineer and holds an MSc and BSc from ETH Zurich and North Carolina State University. His studies specialized in ecological systems design (including mass flow and life cycle analysis), air quality control, and waste management, including a focus on the transport of chemicals within international food trade. His time as a research scientist at ETH Zurich focused on modeling the emissions and fate of fluorinated substances (PFAS) in the environment, mapping the life cycles of endocrine disrupting chemicals, and supporting projects focused on strengthening international science-policy communication. He is a co-author of multiple reports for the United Nations Environment Programme on chemicals and waste, has supported scientific discussions within the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, and has co-authored a university-level textbook teaching the fundamentals of the environmentally oriented design of chemical products and processes.