Agrobiodiversity Accelerator


Merijn Dols

Director of Open Innovation & Circular Economy for Food



Agrobiodiversity Accelerator

I am a passionate and business orientated Research & Innovation leader, a Circular Economy scholar and an activist for a world of abundance. I make it my mission to be a driving force in a system revolution, a paradigm shift: I want to leave a world, in which economic, social and ecological interests are aligned, a regenerative world, a circular world. I aim to inspire my company and the people around me to continuously challenge ourselves and to embrace change – to maintain a competitive advantage through innovation of our products, our organization and our business models; a necessity in today’s world.

I bring a unique combination of knowledge and experience in Product & Packaging Development, in Portfolio Management, and in Circular Economy in the Food Industry. I have 15 years of experience in inter cultural and international business contexts, in driving change and innovation in the food industry.

I hold a BSc in Industrial Design Engineering (from The Hague University) and am currently pursuing my MBA in Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy (from The Bradford School of Management).