Adaptive Framework

REGEN1 is a place-based adaptive framework designed to transition acreage to regenerative agricultural practices, first in regions across the US and then around the world. The adaptive framework will be used to build new partnerships across the value chain that support an outcome-based, market driven model.

By 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas.

Adaptive Framework:
Scaling the REGEN1 Model

Beginning in January 2022, urban regions across the globe can use the REGEN1 Adaptive Framework to localize consumer and marketplace support for regenerative agriculture. Directed by the REGEN1 team, the REGEN1 invitation-only Accelerator will offer a working blueprint for cities around the world that wish to scale use their collective purchasing power to create a market-driven model that supports regenerative agriculture.

This accelerator will help participants build their own community of farmers, distributors, buyers, and domain experts in creating their own REGEN1 regional hub. These regional groups will learn how to support regenerative farming practices that help mitigate climate change. They will also develop greater awareness among consumers with storytelling and communications tools. These hubs will form a global network on the REGEN1 digital platform for regions, a place to share best practices with fellow members and to create a global community for regenerative agriculture.