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We’re making it easier for consumers and food companies to find, source, and sell regenerative agriculture products.

It’s time to change.

Our food system faces grave challenges from climate change.

As climate change accelerates, farmers and ranchers are experiencing drought, flood, record temperatures, more fires, and extreme weather, all of which make it harder to farm and achieve the high yields we’ve grown to expect from California agriculture.

At the same time, intensive farming practices can lead to loss of topsoil—the fertile ground that feeds us all.

Regenerative agriculture builds soil, conserves water, and creates a more resilient environment where healthy crops can thrive.

It’s time for change. Food companies can lead the transition to a more equitable food system by supporting producers committed to using regenerative practices.

It can take up to 100 years to build 1” of top soil. Regenerative agriculture helps to grow healthy soils, not lose them to the wind.

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We’re aligning food purchasers in this region to support the transition of 1 million acres in Northern California to regenerative agriculture by 2025. To succeed, we are developing a supply chain tools to increase both the demand and supply of regenerative products.

Companies can make a
variety of Purchasing Pledges

Through REGEN1, food companies can support regenerative farms by purchasing their products, making charitable contributions to a program that supports transitioning producers, or by purchasing carbon offsets.

REGEN1’s onboarding tool and producer dashboard also makes it easy for purchasers to identify BIPOC producers, women-owned business, or farmers and ranchers that provide specific ecosystem benefits. REGEN1 tools can also help purchasers identify and support transitioning producers in their adoption of regenerative practices or in making targeted purchasing commitments—including forward contracts. Later versions of the tool can also assist food companies with purchasing carbon offsets from regenerative producers.

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You’ll be in some very good company

We are building an evidence-backed, place-based, market-driven model to rapidly scale regenerative agriculture, and it starts in Northern California

  • Consensus among experts and key stakeholders in defining regenerative standards
  • Profiles of participating regenerative farmers and ranchers
  • Unique storytelling tools and iconography to help tell regenerative stories
  • Searchable database of verified producers

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Regen 1 Business Alliance Pledge

I am pleased to join the Regen 1 Business Alliance to promote regenerative farming in California. By supporting farmers and ranchers who have adopted regenerative farming practices we can mitigate climate change, make our food system more resilient, use water more efficiently and provide a cascade of additional benefits to health, the environment, and farmer equity.

We hereby pledge support of this initiative as follows: