Yes, place Matters

Place of Origin

When you connect food to place, it stops being an anywhere commodity.
It becomes something everyone can begin to care about more deeply.

A REGEN1 Place of Origin is a Place Where Regenerative Has Taken Root.

From ancient times, people have sought to celebrate, protect, and name the places where foods of a special quality were grown.

The first legally protected name (for wine, in this case) dates to 1716: Chianti. Today, place-name designations for agricultural products are normalized in many countries.

Today, France uses a term—terroir—to describe the specific place-based environmental characteristics and farming practices that determine the taste and character of food.

Can the specific principles and practices of farmers and ranchers and the unique qualities of the region where they live and work be captured by a place of origin designation that creates new markets and provides economic value for its practitioners?



Our brightest food future begins now.

The transition to regenerative practices is a matter of global urgency. As of today, this transition isn’t happening fast enough.

To speed things up, consumers need to make the connection between place—where their food comes from—and people. They need to see how this connection matters—to farmers, to food systems, to families, to communities, to themselves, and to society at large.

REGEN1 seeks to enlist the power of place to support a movement that will foster healthier soil—a million acres of it, for starters—through regenerative practices.

Why Place of Origin?

REGEN1 Places of Origin. Watchwords for the best the earth has to offer.

Regenerative places of origin inspired by REGEN1 will find their way onto labels, packages and posters wherever the foods that come from them are consumed and sold.

More than labels alone, REGEN1 Places of Origin will serve as the gateways to stories of remarkable places and remarkable people. Places to appreciate. People to care about. Stories to inspire.

At a time when destinations across the country are doing more to promote themselves, and consumers everywhere are doing more to inform themselves, the time is right for REGEN1 Places of Origin.

Boost awareness and spur demand for regenerative foods by recognizing and celebrating the places they come from and the people who grow them.

Choose REGEN1 Place of Origin. Choose regenerative. Connect with who and where your food comes from.


INTO is a digital storytelling platform that helps food producers share their stories with consumers. INTO has partnered with REGEN1 to create digital stories for farmers and ranchers. This free service helps producers show how their products connect with local communities and ecosystems, and offers consumers ways to support them in building the world we all want to see.

The INTO platform includes a number of digital storytelling tools that include media editing, image recognition, AR, blockchain and AI to connect and create deep engagement between purpose-driven producers/brands and conscious consumers.


To begin, point your smartphone camera at this QR code to download the Look Into™ Viewer. It’s free and available for both IOS and Android devices.

Sharing The Story of Regenerative

Our social media tiles and posters explain the principles and practices behind regenerative farming. Hang them proudly in your shop window or share them on social media to help spread the word and encourage demand for regeneratively produced food.

Social Media Tiles

Our shareable tiles are static snapshots explaining regenerative farming outcomes, farming practice terminology, specific Places of Origin, and more. Use them freely to teach your base about the value of regenerative.