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For this guide, we learned about ten companies that design and deploy reusables systems. The graph below shows the location, type of container provided, and ability to offer dishwashing for each. Please click on the company name or logo to go to their more detailed profile page.

In learning about these companies, we discovered several different models that these systems use. The first and most common model is a subscription or deposit service with multiple pick up and drop of locations where dishwashing is provided when requested (Sparkl, Vessel, Cup Club, GreenToGo, Green GrubBox). The second is a system where customers buy their own reusable cup or container and exchange it at participating locations for a new clean one, usually in this case locations do their own dishwashing (ReCircle, Everywares, Huskee Cup). The last two models we found to be applied by only one company each. Keko Box provides reusable dishware, dishwashing and distribution for in house eating. Fill it Forward sells customers their own reusable container, as that container is used, incentive systems donate to specific water related causes or go towards rewards.

Sparkl San Francisco Bay Takeout box, hot and cold beverage
Vessel Boulder, CO and Berkeley, CA Cups for hot and cold beverages
Cup Club London and San Francisco/Palo Alto Cups for hot and cold beverages
GreenToGo Durham, NC Takeout Box
Green GrubBox Seattle, WA Takeout box, hot and cold beverages
ReCircle Switzerland To-go dishware
Everywares Fairfax, CA All dishware
Huskee Cup Global distribution Cups for hot and cold beverages
Keko Box Washington, D.C., NYC, and Los Angeles All dishware
Fill it Forward Global distribution Bottles for hot and cold beverages

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