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FIll it Forward uses an integrated reward system and a give back component to incentivize users to reuse customizable hot and cold beverage containers.

About Fill it Forward

Fill it Forward is customizable for corporate, academic and event spaces. They currently work with over 300 organizations around the world. Their reusable bottles, mugs, and Fill it Forward™ app can also be purchased for personal use.

Every Fill it Forward product comes with a sticker that connects it to the Fill it Forward™ app. Every time users refill their reusable, they can scan their sticker, and each scan results in a donation to a water-based project. The Fill it Forward™ app also allows users to track their environmental impact, including waste diverted, emissions saved, and ocean pollution prevented, and allows them to track their personal beverage consumption through the day, earn badges when they hit reuse milestones, and create “reuse streaks”. With this system, Fill it Forward amplifies the impact of reuse and incentivizes people to make responsible choices.

The cost to use Fill it Forward varies depending on the number of units ordered. Typical set up costs are $0.55 – $1.95 per reusable and $495 in app set up costs. The reusables themselves cost between $3.95 and $12.95, depending on the style of the product. Personal consumers can buy their products for $15-$30, with an additional $5 for a Fill it Forward™ sticker.

The container

Fill it Forward sells a variety of reusable water bottles and insulated hot drink containers made from Triton™, polypropylene, glass and stainless steel. 

Their signature Cupanion® bottle is made in the USA out of unbreakable Triton™. It only needs to be reused twice to offset the carbon emissions generated in production. The bottle is dishwasher safe, leakproof, holds carbonization, has a wide mouth for ice cubes, and has two flat sides for easy stacking and packing. The bottle is also customizable: Cupanion bottles have 360 degree print capabilities and over 20 lid colors to choose from for this bottle.

Every Cupanion product ships with a sticker that connects it to the Fill it Forward™ app. This allows users to give clean water with each refill, track their environmental impact and stay hydrated. Fill it Forward stickers are also customizable and can be used to track an organizations collective impact and drive engagement with custom water projects or rewards. 

All Fill it Forward products, including the sticker, have a Friends for Life Guarantee™ that warranties any manufacturing defects for the products lifetime. They also sell replacement parts for all their products at a low cost.

How it works

The Fill it Forward system is cost effective and user driven and it can be tailored for use by individuals, organizations and events.

Each reusable product comes with a sticker that connects it to the Fill it Forward™ app. Users scan this sticker every time they refill their reusable. The stickers can be connected to the program of a specific organization or just to a certain user. Each time a user refills their bottle and scans the Fill it Forward™ sticker, money is donated to a clean water project, points are earned towards something tangible, such as swag or donations, or the user can be entered into a draw. 

If Cupanion reusables are being used in a location with fountain drinks, the food service location can sell the specific sticker at the beginning of the semester for an appropriate cost, giving users free refills for the specific timeframe. 

In order to increase engagement, Fill it Forward also can run workplace and event specific competitions and challenges. By allowing organizations to choose who they give to, they give them another reason to keep reusing, and they increase awareness and education.

Users can only scan the bottle with their phone, but Fill it Forward limits the number of scans per day to 10 and has a time increment of 5 minutes. Fill it Forward is also launching a hydration station kiosk later this year.

Fill it Forward does not provide dishwashing. Reusable beverage containers are personally owned and cared for.

Staff training

Fill it Forward can provide a wide range of materials to help tell their story to consumers and staff. They also have an activation HUB that can be used to engage participating teams

Data collection/tracking

The Fill it Forward™  app tracks beverage consumption, environmental impact, and donations to clean water projects.

Pilots/current implementation

Fill it Forward has run their programming at 300+ organizations in the corporate, academic and event space around the world, including Amazon, Intel, Salesforce, Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, Twitter and many Colleges and Universities. 

So far, over 225 water projects have been funded through the Fill it Forward program.


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Will Sherman

Director of Operations

Allan Babor

Director of Global Partnerships

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Director of Finance / HR

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Marketing / Engagement Manager