As of April, 2020, HuskeeCup has 314 HuskeeSwap sites globally and retails in more than 55 countries.

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Dishwashing Included?


HuskeeCup makes sustainable, reusable coffee cups. They also run a program called HuskeeSwap, a reusable takeaway coffee cup replacement system. As of 2020, HuskeeCup has 314 HuskeeSwap sites globally and retails in more than 55 countries. It is in restaurants, cafes, and other shops all over the world.

About Huskee.

Huskee is a reusable cup company with a program for cup exchange. They make aesthetically pleasing, durable cups that are made out of coffee husks bound with polypropylene. In their cup exchange program, called HuskeeSwap, the consumer buys a cup for $16, $18, or $20 (depending on size). Every time they use it at a participating café, consumers exchange their current cup for a commercially cleaned and sanitized cup, giving them access to a lifetime shared economy of cups.

Cafes and restaurants wash and replenish their own ‘float’ of cups to swap and need to have a separate stock of HuskeeCups to sell, as you need to have a cup to swap.

Huskee has worked with corporations, universities, councils and precincts on a variety of implementations and activations.

The Container

HuskeeCups and lids are made out of repurposed waste material (coffee husks) and bound with polypropylene. Cups come in three sizes: 6oz, 8oz and 12oz, and the same lid fits all three sizes. HuskeeCups are BPA free, stackable, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to hold, durable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Cups are chip and crack resistant, and designed to keep hot drinks hotter for longer. Cups also have drainage vents at their base that ensure water runs quickly off the cup after cleaning.

HuskeeCups are designed to last for years, and at their end of life they are collected, replaced and repurposed into new materials.

How it Works

Customers swap out a dirty cup for a clean cup at participating cafes and restaurants. Huskee does not provide dishwashing – cleaning and replenishment happens within the café. 

Huskee can provide drop off bins for event specific implementations.

Staff Training

All new HuskeeSwap sites receive a starter pack which includes a set up guide, information cards and a window decal. In areas without local reps, remote support is available for training.

Data collection/tracking

Huskee has additional functionality for consumers to borrow or store a cup through their app. This functionality uses a QR code to track behaviors.

Loss rate

Rate of loss is small as customers trade their cup for a new one.

Pilots/current implementation

HuskeeSwap has 314 sites globally. You can find participating sites on their website.

Pilot examples include: 

1. A University with 42,000 students/teachers: 8 cafes were part of an 8 week implementation. 720 cups were purchased and an average of 20 cups were used or swapped each day. 

2. An implementation in a city precinct with 10 cafes. After 6 months, 40-110 cups are used/day.