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Washington, D.C., NYC, and Los Angeles, CA

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Dishwashing Included?


Keko Box provides reusable dishware (including plates, bowls, cups and to-go containers) “as-a-service” to food businesses. Keko Box provides the products, the service, and the technology needed to easily implement cost effective reuse programs.

About Keko Box

Keko box is designed to service high volume venues or dense business districts that use a high number of dishes and containers each day, such as food halls, stadiums, mixed-use development areas and offices that cater. Their service is end-to-end and includes dish collection, dishwashing and distribution. They also provide a complete communication system and 24/7 customer service.

The Keko Box service has a simple, predictable pricing structure that is cost comparable to the all-in cost of using premium single use items, and is free for consumers.

The Container

Keko Box’s family of reusable dishes are beautiful, durable and NSF-certified. Dishes are good for both hot and cold food and drinks and are stackable. Keko Box is currently developing a circular solution to the end of life fate of their reusables, but are currently focused on minimizing loss rate to ensure each dish is used as many times as possible.

Keko Box pick up bins are customizable to meet the space and usage requirements of different location types, and weigh no more than 50 lbs.

How it Works

Keko Box provides restaurants or food service providers a regular supply of dishes based on the volume of meals served per day. Customers can choose to receive their meal on Keko Box reusable dishware without the need for a user account, keeping the experience easy for high volume participation. After they enjoy their meal, customers return their dishes to one of several collection stations placed throughout the establishment.

Keko Box provides daily pick up and drop off of their reusables by car or truck. All reusables are commercially washed, sanitized and re-packed by professional staff following standard operating procedures that are in compliance with Health and Safety standards.

Staff training

Keko Box partners with their customer facility teams to support on site operations. They provide upfront support with program design and product selection, then provide onsite communications materials and custom staff training to drive program success.

Data collection/tracking

Keko Box is currently developing a proprietary dishware management platform to seamlessly collect data and manage daily operations. A beta version of the platform has been deployed with current pilots. Future releases will include item-level tracking technology to automate dishware tracking and to show the number of uses of each item.

Pilots/current implementation

Keko Box has run three pilot programs and serviced over 19,000 dishes with 18 participating companies. They have several additional program locations that will begin after COVID-19 closures have ended. 

One of these pilot programs is with the San Diego Airport Innovation Lab, for which they will operate a trial program at the San Diego Airport with the goal of scaling their solution to additional airport locations nationwide.


Ashleigh Ferran

Co-Founder and CEO

Campbell Kawka

Co-Founder and CCO

Eli Bosworth

Co-Founder and CTO