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Sparkl designs and deploys reusable systems for corporations, grocery stores, restaurants, municipalities and community organizations. They tailor each reusables system to the needs of each customer and they provide sustainability metrics and monitoring, staff training and dishwashing.

About Sparkl

Sparkl Reusables is a leader in the implementation of reuse and zero waste systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have designed and deployed reusables systems for zero waste events, cafeterias, grocery stores and food vendors.

Sparkl has several different systems options based on the needs of their partners. They offer a deposit system for check out and return of reusable items, a locking dispenser for staff-free use, and signage and education for events.

The Container

Sparkl offers to-go containers for food and drinks. All containers are made from BPA and BPS free durable #5 polypropylene. Beverage containers have lids/tops that can accommodate a straw, stack well, and work for both hot and cold drinks.

Sparkl is responsible for the full life cycle of their containers. After 300+ uses containers are bundled into Preserve’s Gimme 5 Program and turned into plates, bowls and forks, which are then utilized by Sparkl for events.

How it Works

Sparkl has designed and used several different reusables systems. These include both a deposit system for check out with a refund upon return – Sparkl uses integrated card readers with vendor P.O.S. and they are working to integrate back end systems with existing company ID cards and other apps already in use by employees – and a yearly subscription model. The subscription is $35 and subscribers can check out two containers at a time from a locking dispenser using a provided code.

Sparkl offers both on-site and off-site options for dishwashing. For accounts with off-site washing, Sparkl works with community-based nonprofits, such as soup kitchens and workforce development organizations, to conduct pick up, drop off and washing operations. Pick-up and drop off by electric vehicle, bicycle or foot, is performed weekly, but additional pick-ups/drop-offs can be scheduled. The same vehicle is used for dirty and clean containers, but safe food handling is ensured using liner bags for dirty containers and sealed bags for clean containers. The process has been approved by county health departments. 

If on-site dishwashing is available, Sparkl will facilitate meetings with all stakeholders to create buy-in, conduct trainings with kitchen staff, and provide a method for inventory monitoring and metrics reporting. Depending on the agreement, they may also offer compensation for additional time for dishwashing staff.

Staff training

Depending on location/program, staff training ranges from check-lists for launching new sites, talking points for engaging with customers, and technology training for tracking reusables. Sparkl also trains dishwashing staff and delivery personnel.

Data collection/tracking

Sparkl provides ongoing sustainability metrics and monitoring.

Loss rate

6-8% per event or year for ongoing programs.

Pilots/current implementation

Sparkl has several pilots and areas of implementation. 

  • 1- With UCSF, testing and education on reuse system design across multiple vendors.
  • 2- MERCK SSF, app-based reuse system vs. bring-your-own container system.
  • 3- Whole Foods Market pilot utilizing reusables dispenser and return bin w/ lock code for members with an annual subscription.
  • 4- Zero Waste Running Events: reusables at events.
  • 5- City of Palo Alto – Partnering to make street fairs and city events zero waste.
  • 6- City of San Rafael – Partnered with Epicurean to bring reusables at Marin Civic Center and Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) to offer reusables at Food Trucks.


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