As of April 2020, Vessel’s full service is located in Boulder, CO, Berkeley and San Francisco, CA. Their licensing model is in applications globally.

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Vessel’s closed-loop product service system provides reusable alternatives to activate the circular economy and disrupt throwaway culture. Their tech-enabled stainless-steel reusable cup service can be tailored to meet corporate goals and operational needs.

About Vessel

Vessel works closely with facilities management, food services and other stakeholders to develop a reusables ecosystem that can meet specific corporate goals and operational needs. Vessel provides initial assessments, installation, start-up, and on-going support to ensure seamless integration of their reusables systems.

Vessel clients are charged a fee that is comparable to their current disposable cup costs, and provided with insulated, stainless-steel cups. Client employees or customers can check out these cups for free using Vessel’s web-based app, and have five days to return their cup to a participating company or return kiosk.

Vessel cups are tech-enabled for real-time inventory management, ensuring that on-site vendors have the inventory they need, and that collection and distribution are handled efficiently. Vessel provides marketing and outreach materials with co-branding options and offers delivery, collection, washing, and restocking of reusable cups.

The Container

The Vessel cup is 100% stainless steel and comes in 12oz and 16oz sizes. The cup is stackable, good for both hot and cold drinks, and meets FDA GRAS standards and Prop 65. The cup can remain in circulation for more than 400 uses, and becomes more sustainable than a paper cup after just 24 uses. The Vessel cup lid is made out of silicone. It is non-toxic, antimicrobial, can withstand extreme temperature variation, and has a sip hole that can accommodate a straw. Vessel cups are 100% infinitely recyclable, and their silicone lid is recycled by a North American recycler.

Vessel return kiosks are very durable and can withstand extreme temperature variations. They are designed for positive user experience. Business friendly receptacles are provided for in-store returns.

Secondary branding opportunities for co-branding on Vessel collateral and Kiosks is offered by Vessel..

Vessel is currently prototyping and testing a reusable food container service.

How It Works

Vessel supplies and distributes stainless steel cups to participating businesses as needed based on their live inventory management tool. Users check-out these cups by scanning cup QR codes through Vessel’s web-based or native app. They then have five days after check out to return their vessel to a streetside return kiosk or an in-business receptacle located at participating vendors (food service, malls, museums, corporate campuses). Vessel uses proprietary software to track cup inventory and to manage collection and redistribution. 

Vessel offers delivery, collection, washing, and restocking of reusable cups. If dishwashing is needed, Vessel will  work with each community or vendor to identify the best dishwashing option and, if desired, manage this system. Pick up and drop off is typically done with a pedicab. As of April 2020, Vessel is only available for staffed environments, but automated machines are being developed with hope for deployment in July 2020.

Staff training

Vessel provides support in training staff and team members.

Data collection/tracking

Vessel’s platform has front and back-end tracking and data collection, real-time inventory management, quantified use metrics and automated invoicing and billing. Their app is easy to use and has an education platform to provide users with feedback on their environmental and social impacts.

Loss rate


Pilots/current implementation

Vessel’s non-plastic, tech-enabled reusable cup system started in 2015 and launched in 2016. They have done successful pilots and city launches with numerous clients in diverse ecosystems including cities, QSR’s, universities and corporate campuses.

NYC Pilot, 2016: Vessel successfully piloted its service in New York City in 2016. The pilot ran for six months in locations spanning the East and West Villages, Brooklyn, Midtown and the Lower East Side.

Boulder – Ongoing operations since 2018: Vessel lives in Boulder, Colorado. They provide their service to eight food vendors and on the CU campus, as well as at local events. In six months of operations, 4500+ Vessels where checked out, and 1260 users had signed up with 85% repeat rate.

Berkeley – Ongoing operations since 2019: Vessel won Berkeley’s municipal RFP. They will launch their service in 11 food and beverage vendors in Berkeley in September of 2019. 

Licensing:  Vessel currently works on private label and licensing of hardware and software with QSR’s, event venues, corporate campuses, communities and vendors globally.


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