Mixed plastic mostly from off-site restaurants

This waste steam included non-compostable coffee cup lids, yogurt containers, plastic bowls and takeout clamshells.  Much of this waste stream is believed to originate from offsite cafes and restaurants and brought by employees.  

Reduction Potential: Low 

Material Definition

All other rigid plastics and plastic film not categorized elsewhere. Examples include loose caps/lids (<2’’ diameter), dirty and/or wet plastic film, frozen food bags, balloons, plastic squeeze tubes, expanded polystyrene (i.e., Styrofoam), and predominately plastic items with other materials attached such as disposable razors, pens, toothbrushes, and 3-ring binders.


  • Explore reusable packaging options with suppliers
  • Consider fewer, larger container
  • Consider products made from concentrate

Examples from Audit

Non-compostable coffee cup lids, yogurt containers, plastic bowls and takeout clamshells. Most of this believed to come from offsite restaurants.


Reducing this waste stream will be difficult because the food and related packaging is determined offsite by other businesses.  Behavioral change strategies may be effective in persuading employees to avoid packaging-intensive to go options from other vendors, bring and use their own washable to go containers, or eat from cafes.