Plastic Cups​

Red plastic solo cups.

Reduction Potential: High

Material Definition

Bottles and cups including water bottles, beverage bottles, and single-use drink cups made of #3-#7 plastics. #7 plastics are only included if they are non-compostable. Caps/lids are included if attached or left on. Items could be clear or of any color.


Shift to resusable beverage service (resuable vessels, bulk beverages, Comms to encourage BYOB, etc).

Additional pilots are being conducted.

Examples from Audit

Red plastic solo cups.


Reusable cups and mugs.

The waste reduction benefit of bulk beverages is degraded or lost if the beverages must be served in disposable plastic cups.   The solution is to pair bulk beverages with washable mugs and cups. Note that disposable “paper” cups are typically also lined with a plastic coating.

Mug wall to store employees’ personal mugs
Photos: Compass