Mobilizing the Seafood Industry


The Seafood MAP activator features an unprecedented collection of domain experts from across the seafood sector working in close collaboration to create a series of tools that increase transparency and traceability and support a more regenerative model for aquaculture.


Seafood MAP is a food systems solution activator led by The Lexicon, with support from Michiel Bakker and Food at Google.

This invitation-only program is an “activator for good ideas”. It mobilizes domain experts from across the globe to tackle some of the most complex challenges facing our food systems, from regenerative agriculture to biodiversity. Instead of serving as an activator for startups or new products, our participants identify challenges, align on realistic solutions, then transform their ideas into freely available tools for the world to use. They design, rapidly prototype, and release public domain tools for change every six months under a Creative Commons license.

For its work in aquaculture, Seafood MAP worked closely with Jennifer Bushman to mobilize industry stakeholders across the value chain in the areas of seaweed, finfish, shrimp, and shellfish. Their shared objective is to develop a single respected, validated, and imminently useful digital platform to better support the seafood industry.

The initiative will engage partners and relevant academic networks, and play a critical role in providing visual support for documents, statements, and action-oriented proposals generated by Seafood MAP members. The team will also create a collection of easy-to-use tools that leverage Seafood MAP members’ areas of editorial and scientific expertise.

In its first phase, the group defined a set of principles and practices, then built supply chain auditing tools and case studies for select Seafood MAP producers to help explain what a more enlightened, sustainable seafood production model might look like.

The second phase, which began in January 2022, will add additional partners and build on their initial work to design more open-source tools for the public, including a partnership with GSSI and other organizations to create a shared platform for purchasers, processors, aggregators, and producers. The Seafood MAP platform will also provide greater transparency for aquaculture products and support smallholders and local fisheries that lack certifications.

A third and final phase will expand this work to include fisheries.

To learn more about Seafood MAP, receive a demo of their tools, or join this initiative, contact our team here.

Douglas Gayeton

Douglas Gayeton

Founder, A Greener Blue

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The Seafood MAP activator has mobilized seafood farmers, chefs, distributors, investors, innovators, scientists, non-profits, entrepreneurs and storytellers who are creating an evidence-backed, place-based, and market-driven model to accelerate the development of a better aquaculture, not in 10 years, but today.