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Case Studies

Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic and marine organisms in controlled or managed conditions, provides more than half of the fish and seafood we eat today, and the sector is growing rapidly to meet global demands for protein. Depending on the specific needs of the animals or algae being grown, the methods and environments used in aquaculture vary widely, from tanks or land-based artificial ponds to the natural environment.

Below are a collection of seaweed, finfish, and shellfish producers from across the globe who’ve joined Seafood MAP.


Superior Fresh

A family farm producing certified-organic leafy greens and premium seafood in the Midwest US.

Idaho, USA / Finfish / 5 min read


Protecting wild salmon and trout through responsible aquaculture and by being good stewards of the environment.

Indre Kvarøy, Norway / Finfish / 10 min read


High quality salmon with double the omega-3 content of other farmed salmon without compromising either the environment or the welfare of their fish.

California, USA / Shellfish / 5 min read​

Hog Island Oyster Co.

Raising four of the five edible oyster varieties found in the Northern Hemisphere, plus Manila clams on 160 acres of intertidal lands in Northern California's Tomales Bay.

Baja California, Mexico / Shellfish / 8 min read

Baja Shellfish

Premium, healthy, sustainable shellfish that improve the marine environment we all depend on and supports local communities.

Maine, USA / Seaweed / 8 min read

Atlantic Sea Farms​

Making a powerful and positive impact on the health of our customers and oceans by creating craveable and innovative products from sustainably farmed sea greens, all while expanding opportunities for coastal communities.

BC, CANADA / Seaweed / 10 min read

Cascadia Seaweed Co.

The largest provider of ocean cultivated seaweed in North America, combining cultivation know-how, First Nations partnerships and progressive brand development.

Seaweed / 10 min read

CH4 Global

Producing Asparagopsis armata, a naturally abundant seaweed, for use as a feed additive to reduce methane emissions from ruminants and help the climate crisis.